Cypress OSM-1000-BRD OSDP-Wiegand converter

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Artikelnr #:OSM-1000-BRD Model #: OSM-1000-BRD  Naam: Cypress OSM-1000-BRD Cypress OSM-1000-BRD OSMIUM Basic OSDP-Wiegand Converter, Board Only
  • The OSM-1000-BRD (board only) OSDP-Wiegand Converter is a general purpose Wiegand / OSDP converter.
  • The OSM unit has two operating modes, PD (Peripheral Device) mode and ACU (Access Control Unit) mode.
  • In PD mode, the OSM unit connects a traditional Wiegand reader to an OSDP ACU. In ACU mode, the OSM unit connects an OSDP reader to a traditional Wiegand Access Controller.