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ACT GOLD IBT CALKIT Herkalibratieset voor ACT GOLD Intelligente Batterij Tester

Merken: ACT Meters
Artikelnr #:GOLD-IBT-CALKIT Model #: ACT GOLD-IBT-CALKIT  Naam: ACT Meters ACT GOLD IBT CALKIT Re-Calibration Kit for ACT GOLD Intelligent Battery Tester
  • Each CALKIT consists of new calibrated test leads, clips, replacement labels and instructions. Please note, soldering is required.
  • It is vital for the accuracy of the battery tester, that the test leads and clips are maintained in perfect condition. ACT battery testers are calibrated to the specific test lead set. Damage as well as wear and tear will have a considerable effect on the readings obtained. We recommend replacing the test leads as soon as any inconsistent readings are given. Soldering is required for Red/Gold/Chrome IBT models.
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