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Five ways to save your customer money

Whether you are looking to offer energy saving advice to your customers, build rapport or upsell on your current installations and quotes, we have put together a list of five simple ways to save your customers money whilst increasing your revenue and growing your business.

1. Integrate smart outlets and plugs

Smart outlets or plugs let their users turn plugged-in appliances on or off remotely by controlling whether the appliance receives power or not. Plugged-in devices such as TVs, fans, kitchen appliances or heaters can be controlled by these devices to include turning off completely without power. If no one is home or your customer forgets to turn them off manually, using smart plugs can ensure the connected appliances are only using the power they truly require. This can significantly reduce energy bills and help your customer achieve a greener standard of living.

2. Upsell energy efficient thermostats

Smart Thermostats are a revolutionary force when it comes to energy efficiency and cost saving on your customers monthly bills. They are able to recognise and adapt to their environment to regulate the heating and cooling based on home occupancy.

Smart Thermostats can also be controlled remotely via smartphone or tablet. This reduces the use of heating systems when the occupant is not at home for long periods at a time, which can have a significant impact on monthly energy bills. They are able to ensure energy efficiency in homes all year-round and come in especially cost effective during extreme winter and summer temperatures.

3. Prevent leaks with the W1KS Water Leak Detector

As mentioned in our Smart home: Kitchen blog, another great product that brings energy-saving technology to your customer's home, is the W1KS Water Leak Detector. The cable on the compact device detects water leaks and sends a notification to your customer's smartphone, potentially saving them thousands of pounds in water damage and repairs. Offering an affordable solution to your customers not only adds a layer of security to their homes but creates additional business for you.

Although a Water Leak Detector can be used throughout the entire home, ADI recommends placing the device on major appliances such as a refrigerator, washing machine, boiler or radiators.

4. Take advantage of garage door controllers

An area often overlooked when attempting to save money on energy bills is the garage. The overall temperature of a home can be negatively affected if the garage door is not correctly sealed or closed, which can result in your heating system having to work harder to maintain a comfortable environment, increasing energy costs.

The Pyronix 2 Way Wireless Keyfob can be used as a garage door controller and much, much more. Not only will It ensure your customers' garages are tightly shut and adequately retain heat, but it can also be programmed to control gates, blinds and more. On top of that, it can also be used as a panic alarm to add that extra layer of security.

5. Shop ADI exclusive brands

ADI’s Wbox brand, is a private label brand which offers cost-effective residential and commercial products and systems across multiple categories. Products from this brand are high-quality and backed by competitive warranties to guarantee outstanding performances in every installation. This allows you to meet your client's intrusion, video surveillance, access control, power, networking power and AV needs with devices and accessories which are great alternatives to name-brand products.

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